Decentralization is the Way Forward

Blockchain becomes increasingly Strategic. This means that is is not just here to reduce costs and add more value. It means that it can get you a long-term competitive advantage

Have you asked yourself any of these questions?

  • How do we develop Use Cases and implementation approaches?
  • How do we evolve from Proof-of-Concept to full deployment?
  • How to write smart contracts?
  • What benefits shall we be expecting from the blockchain?
  • What benchmarks do we need to measure?
  • Are we making mistakes integrating this particular blockchain solution?
  • How shall we get organized to tackle blockchain and why?

Chain.Cloud is here to help you with that!

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Our competencies


We work in partnership with our clients, advising them how to use/integrate Blockchain technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems.

We identify opportunities by answering where does Blockchain fit in and what can you do with it


  • We design
  • We develop
  • We deploy
  • We support

...DApps, Bitcoin and Ethereum smart contracts, backends, frontends


In today’s rapidly evolving technological environment, a trusted advisor – one who not only provides relevant insights, but delivers a combination of strategic vision, proven expertise and practical experience – can enhance the value of your business with technology

Security and Vulnerability testing

Protecting sensitive data and systems helps organizations avoid costly breaches, loss of intellectual property, business disruption and reputation damage. We’re proud to offer testing expertise to help our clients with their controls to ensure such protections are operating properly.

We review smart contracts and test the entire system

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